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Django fui

Django Unchained

Django free

Z gud, z stuong-man end z not-gud

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good, the strong-man and the not-good

Schindler list

Schindler's list

12 mans not-api

12 Angry Men

12 men not-happy

Moden tayms

Modern Times

Sta not-pisx

Star Wars

Star not-peace

Go top ov cuku om

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Go top of cuckoo home

Z lide ov and-sikels

The Lord of the Rings

The leader of hand-circles

Eksplo-mans ov zx lost 10-los-boksx

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Explo-men of the lost 10-laws-box

Go agen tovuad fiut

Back to the Future
Go again toward the futur

Zx blak osx-man

The dark knight

The black horse-man

Komplit metal munihon

Full Metal Jacket

Complete metal amunition

Zx layon lide

The Lion King

The lion leader

Layf bi biotiful

Life Is Beautiful

Zx big diktato

The Great Dictator

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