3-Plural et defined article


5-Sentence construction




1 Alphabet

The spiki is an universal languadge which spells with 22 letters :

A ah (happy)
B b
D d
E a (airplane)
X a (culture)
F f
G gue
H sh
I i
J je
K k
L l
M m
N n
O o
P p
S s
T t
U u
V v
Y y
Z z



Every letter corresponds to 1 only sound.

Contrary to languages as English, the diction of the spiki is slow and very articulated: the vowels are longer. There is no tonic accent, the words are separated by a little break.


Spiki is relatively difficult to pronounce, but this obliges to articulate it.



The cat is in the kitchen
Zx kat bi in zx kitsen
za kaat bii iin' za kiitsèèn


The Latin alphabet without accent allows the spiki to be compatible with all the international computer systems.


2 Vocabulary


vocabulary Construction

The words are from the English pronunciation:

speak = spik

biology = bayolodji

wait = vuet

light = layt

laugh = lof


The R

The "r" is suppresed. It is remplaced by a "u" if it is at the begining of a word or if it is preceded by a consonant letter :

art = at

bread = bued

red = ued



Ortographe of the words finishing by S

Nouns in singular do not finish by "s"
dance = densx



The complexe words are expressed by assemblies of basic words from the official dictionary:


a chandelier

layts in zx um-top
lights in the room-top

not- in front of a word indicates its opposite :
not-gud = bad

big- indicate the level or the size :
big-siti = big city
not-big-siti = village

How is formed the dictionary?

- The main vocabulary is limited to 700 words.
- To learn the language quickly and for reasons of distribution, the vocabulary of spiki is based from English.

- There are neither homonyms nor synonyms.
- The simplification of the dictionary does not be censorship.


Technical vocabulary

Specific vocabulary in a particular environment (animals, science, technology) is authorized. It is from English:


Zx kanguu bi 1 masupiol.
The kanguru is a marsupial.

Kangaroo and marsupial are not part of the officialSpiki dictionary. However Spiki aims is to be a precise language. So a kangaroo is a kangaroo. Spiki so allows 2 biologists to speak about kangarooes with a technical vocabulary.





To the paper certain words or emotions can be replaced by one of the emoji contained in the Emoji - Spiki dictionary.



1  = oan kat : a cat



3 Plural et defined article

For plural we add s to the noun.

ko cow
1 (oan) ko a cow
kos cows
zx ko the cow
zx kos the cows



4 Conjugation

In spiki there are 6 personal pronouns:


ay I
yu you
it he / she / it
ays we
yus you (more than 1)
its they






We add i to the personal pronoun


ayi my
yui your
iti his / her / its
aysi our
yusi your
itsi their




ay spik I speak
yu spik you speak
it spik he speaks
ays spik we speak
yus spik you speak
its spik they speak


ay pas spik I spoke
yu pas spik you spoke



ay fiu spik I will speak
yu fiu spik you will speak


Ask a question

spik yu ?
do you speak ?



ay no spik
I don't speak


5 sentenses Construction

Subject Verb Complement (SVO)


Adjectives are before the noun

The idiomatic expressions do not exist.

In oral we can begin a conversation with the word spiki to mean that the conversation is not in English.

Spiki is a universal language, design your sentenses to be sure your interlocutor can understand you.


Type of words

A same word can be a verb, a noun or an adjective:


Zx fud ov zx kat : the cat food (fud is a noun)

Ay fud zx kat : I eat the cat (fud is a verb)

Ze fud kat : the eaten cat (fud is an adjective)


This system allows to create more sentences with a limited vocabulary.



6 Count


1 oan
2 tu
3 sui
4 fod
5 fav
6 sik
7 sev
8 eyt
9 nay

For tens we add a
10 oana
20 tua
30 suia
40 foda
50 fava
60 sika
70 seva
80 eyta
90 naya

For hundreds we add o
100 oano
200 tuo
300 suio
400 fodo
500 favo
600 siko
700 sevo
800 eyto
900 nayo

1 000 mil
1 000 000 mimil
1 000 000 000 mimimil




506 370 912 €
favo-sik mimil suio-seva mil nayo-oana-tu euros

To the paper the numbers are write in figures:

Zx 16 sentui.
The XVIth century.

Zx oan

The first

Zx tus

The seconds


the hour


tu avux oana


fav avux suia


oana-sik avux foda-fav


tua tu avex


not-ol avux

The dates


The Thursday 18 September 2014
Zx fod-dey - oana-eyt - monsx-nay - tu-mil-oana-fod
The for-day - ten-eight - month-nine - two-thousand-ten-for



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