Spiki is a project of universal language created in 2014 in France by Nicolas Barré:

Designer, I am fascinated by the simplification of the interfaces, easy to learn and to use for everybody. It is that principles which I wanted to apply to Spiki so that it is easy to learn.

Indeed the creation of Spiki ensues from 3 reports:

- The foreign languages are very useful
- They are long and difficult to learn
- It exists of multiple way of simplifying these languages which are not optimized

I think at this simplified project of language since about ten year, inspired by 1984 of George Orwels and the arrival of the SMS language. I take advantage of the development of internet and of the social networks to concretize this project and propose it in the whole world.

I hope that Spiki will improve the links between the peoples and will be useful for many people and institutions (this is my Miss World side).

Join us in the adventure!

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