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A universal language

Spiki uses the vocabulary of English. So it is not neutral as the Esperanto, but it is not simplified English. It is indeed a new language, universal on principle. If in the oral it looks like English, on paper the confusion is not possible!

It aims at improving the understanding and the friendship between the peoples, at facilitating the journeys and the cooperation. It is an international language (vernacular) which has no vocation to replace the mother tongues, although its functioning is applicable to all the languages.

A simple language

A person who has bases of English becomes bilingual Spiki in some hours.

A person who does not speak English just have to learn the 700 words of the dictionary.

The simplicity of Spiki allows a learning by internet via the pages Principles, Learn and Dictionary of this site.

A rich language

Spiki uses a very limited vocabulary, but it can tell stories or translate the classical authors of the literature!

It's what you had ordered?

Spiki is useless, there is already Esperanto...

Despite of its little success and its real universality, the Esperanto never developed really. Diphthongs, accusative, vocabulary... it is necessary to learn Esperanto.

Spiki is designed to be learn very quickly. Spiki is not a duty, you can immediately enjoy speaking equal to equal with persons of other countries!

See the comparative degree with the other universal languages

Spiki is useless, there is already English...

We asked a sample group of persons who learn English during 8 - 10 years to estimate their level of competence: 72 % answered to speak correctly about English. But after a test of evaluation we realized that only 5 % of the students know correctly English.

With another test we noticed that 111 persons knowing English lost 25 % of the information contained in a text with regard to the same text read in their mother tongue.

You speak English and you wish to be completely understood ?

You speak English badly and you want understand more than the half of the conversasion?

Become Spiki bilingual!

Source : Wikipedia / Educational research service of Hanovre / Läkartidningen A60
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